Welcome to Dr. Dmytro Dziuba, new CNRS researcher!

Nouvel entrant

Welcome to Dr. Dmytro Dziuba, newly recruited as CNRS researcher. He integrates the "Biophysics of molecular and cellular interactions" team within the LBP.

Research project:

Development, synthesis and application of new molecular tools for imaging biomolecular interactions and fighting bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Previous appointments:

2008−2012. PhD in organic chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Alain Burger (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis). “Synthesis of novel two-color fluorescent probes for labeling of nucleic acids and for studying nucleic acid–protein interactions”.

2012−2016. Postdoctoral position with Prof. Michal Hocek at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (Prague). “Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of fluorescently labeled nucleic acids for biosensing”.

2016−2019. Interdisciplinary postdoctoral position with Prof. Carsten Schultz (Oregon Health & Science University) and Prof. Matthias Hentze (EMBL Heidelberg). “Development of new chemical tools for RNA−protein photocrosslinking.”