Congratulations to the UMR 7021 teams involved in the Interdisciplinary Thematic Institutes (ITI) research-training of the University of Strasbourg

On Tuesday 7 January 2020, the University of Strasbourg officially announced the 15 successful applications of the University of Strasbourg's ITI program. Most of the UMR 7021 teams are integrated into three ITIs:

  • CSC (Interdisciplinary Institure for Chemistry of Complex Systems) – - for a period of 8 years (2021-2028) - concerns the Nanochemistry and Bioimaging team
  • QMat (Interdisciplinary Institute for Quantum Sciences and Nanomaterials) - for a period of 8 years (2021-2028) - concerns the Biophotonics of Molecular and Cellular Interactions team.
  • InBio (Interdisciplinary Institute for Integrative Biopharmaceutical and Biomedical Research) - for a period of 4 years (2021-2024) - concerns two teams: Biophotonics of molecular and cellular interactions and Tumoral signaling and therapeutic targets.

Well done!

By launching the ITIs, the University of Strasbourg, in partnership with the CNRS and Inserm, is confirming a long-term policy in support of interdisciplinarity and strengthened link between training and research.